Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Responses to the Book's Release -- Part 1

Among the various efforts to publicize the book I have undertaken, one was to send emails to about 3,000 people who had written/blogged about Jeane, media types and various law professors around the country. I have been overwhelmed by responses from the profound to the profane, and thought a few should be shared. . . 

Dear Mr. Sibley,

Your book sounds very interesting and I hope to read it! However, I have a personal comment after visiting the website for the book. I truly do not believe that it was the previous administration’s misogynist, right-wing attitude that pushed Ms. Palfrey to her suicide. I believe it was misogynist men that pushed her to choose suicide. I believe that Ms. Palfrey would have received the exact same treatment under ANY administration, including Kennedy (duh), Reagan, Clinton and Obama. As a female, I have worked with an administration that I suppose would be considered “left-wing” since the administration consisted of male Democrat politicians. I believe they probably were not any less misogynistic than the Bush administration. I believe that Ms. Palfrey was in a man’s world – a world that loved the services she offered, but loved themselves much more, especially when push came to shove. I cannot believe that any man, who uses the services of a madam, respects women – not the prostitutes serving them or the wives they might be married to. It’s the nature of this world and sadly so. This is not to say that all men are misogynists – I don’t believe that at all, but I do believe that left-winging politicians would have been just as abusive as right winging politicians. And not all politicians are misogynists either.

Just some thoughts I wanted I would share. Thank you for your email as Ms. Palfrey’s story intrigued me while it was happening and I specifically remember the sadness I felt for her and her mother when I read of her death. I would like to read the book!


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