Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeane and the Soccer Moms

Of the many stories about Jeane that I had to leave out of the book due to space considerations, one involved Jeane and the Mothers of my son Sasha’s fourth grade classmates. During the month of November 2007, the government had dropped over 5,000 pages of documents related to Jeane’s case for our review prior to the February 2008 trial date. For the better part of two weeks, Jeane and I would spend the day at my suburban Rockville, Maryland office going over the documents to prepare for trial. Each day at 3:30 p.m. we would break to walk across the street to pick up my then 9 year old son . . .

As is ususal at such schools, a number of parents would arrive a few minutes before pick-up time and chat waiting for their children to be released from class for the day. My son’s class had a regular group of five mothers with whom I would pass the time with discussing most anything. They were all aware of my representation of Jeane who had become notorious in Washington, D.C. by this time and her face was well known.

Jeane enjoyed walking over with me to pick up Sasha and wasn’t deterred by the stares on the first day by the Mothers. By the second day, several of the Mothers had worked up the courage to speak to her and it wasn’t long before they were all charmed by Jeane’s simple manner and straight forward way of dealing with people.

What was interesting was the turn of the discussions by the third day. Old habits die hard I guess, for Jeane was beginning to comment on how these Mothers would make excellent escorts and could easily make $600 - $1000 a night. By the fourth day I was concerned about the high level of interest among the Mothers for those discussions were beginning to trespass into criminal conspiracy territory.  The Mothers were asking more and more detailed questions about the specifics of such an escort operation.

Later on, the Mothers would joke with me about that, but I would not be surprised someday to read in the Washington Post about a Mothers Escort service operation being broken up in Rockville, Maryland.


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