Thursday, September 11, 2014

Part IV -- A New Hope

After some one hundred sixty-five (165) posts regarding "Reflections on a Justice System which has evolved to Threaten -- Rather Than Protect -- Our Liberties", I have concluded that there was nothing more to be said on that subject. The evolution to absolute judicial tyranny is complete and further documentation here to memorialize that transformation would serve no purpose.

Hence, a new direction for me and this blog as the masthead now declares:  "A Future Memoir on the Calling of the First Convention to Propose Amendments to the Federal Constitution". 


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Obama Dismisses Indictment Against Fugitive Bombing Terrorist - Part VII: My Last Chapter

This, I believe, is the last chapter that I will write regarding the Elizabeth Duke matter.  Last July, I began documenting my efforts to understand why the indictment against the Capitol Bombing, Fugitive Elizabeth Duke had been dismissed by the Obama administration under curious circumstances.  Those circumstances included the entry of an Order which falsified the record by Magistrate Judge Robinson who feloniously signed that order indicating that she was a District Court Judge when she most certainly was not.

My efforts took me to the Supreme Court where my important questions regarding the hygiene of the criminal justice system were rebuffed by being ignored. My subsequent efforts to invoke the judicial machinery to investigate and sanction Magistrate Judge Robinson for her patent misbehavior have now likewise been ignored.

Though purportedly mailed to me on February 19, 2014, I only recently received the Order indicating that Magistrate Judge Robinson will receive no rebuke for misrepresenting the record regarding the dismissal of the Elizabeth Duke indictment.

Though this is my last chapter on Elizabeth Duke, others are still working on their chapters and the Epilogue of the Elizabeth Duke matter I believe is far from being written. Go Port Authority Police.

Hence, this blog which has been my “Reflections on the Growth of Legal Tyrants and a Justice System Which Has Evolved to Threaten – Rather than Protect – Our Liberty” is coming to a close.  I have a few more things to say, but it is now clear to me that the Justice System is no longer threatening our liberty, but indeed has now completely revoked that Liberty won at such a high cost and has now insulated themselves from any consequence for their unconstitutional and indeed immoral actions.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Supreme Court Denies Vogt’s Petition

It is with real sadness that I report that the Supreme Court has denied Doug Vogt’s Petition which sought to re-affirm the right of every Citizen to Petition the Grand Jury to investigate criminal behavior.  By denying Vogt’s Petition, the coup d’etat against the Grand Jury by the Executive Branch is now complete and the restoration of “Right Divine” is at hand for government actors can now act without fearing the consequence of a Grand Jury investigation. Nice work if you can get it!

In sum, I believe that those rights secured by the Magna Carta have now been extinguished. Fitting, I suppose then, is little Kipling:

At Runnymede, at Runnymede,
What say the reeds at Runnymede?
The lissom reeds that give and take,
That bend so far, but never break,
They keep the sleepy Thames awake
With tales of John at Runnymede.
At Runnymede, at Runnymede,
Oh, hear the reeds at Runnymede:
'You musn't sell, delay, deny,
A freeman's right or liberty.
It wakes the stubborn Englishry,
We saw 'em roused at Runnymede!

When through our ranks the Barons came,
With little thought of praise or blame,
But resolute to play the game,
They lumbered up to Runnymede;
And there they launched in solid line
The first attack on Right Divine,
The curt uncompromising "Sign!'
They settled John at Runnymede.

At Runnymede, at Runnymede,
Your rights were won at Runnymede!
No freeman shall be fined or bound,
Or dispossessed of freehold ground,
Except by lawful judgment found
And passed upon him by his peers.
Forget not, after all these years,
The Charter signed at Runnymede.'

And still when mob or Monarch lays
Too rude a hand on English ways,
The whisper wakes, the shudder plays,
Across the reeds at Runnymede.
And Thames, that knows the moods of kings,
And crowds and priests and suchlike things,
Rolls deep and dreadful as he brings
Their warning down from Runnymede!