Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeane and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation

One thing I know Jeane hoped would come of her ordeal is some long-term change in the policy of local, state and federal governments towards adult, consensual, private sexual expression in all its forms. For this reason, I have committed to use the public platform my book release has created to promote this end through my support of the Woodhull Freedom Foundation . . .

According to their website: “The Woodhull Freedom Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that works to affirm sexual freedom as a fundamental human right by protecting and advancing freedom of speech and sexual expression. WFF promotes sexuality as a positive personal, social and moral value through research, advocacy, activism, education and outreach.” Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) was a progressive and outspoken nineteenth-century activist who introduced sex-positive values to America during the repressive Victorian era. Far ahead of her time, Woodhull spoke frankly on the topic of sexual freedom and advocated for women's equality in the home, workplace, and in the political arena.

If only each of Jeane’s 10,000 clients would give $10 – 4% of what they paid the escorts that serviced them illegally – to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation in short order they could be assured that their behavior would be legalized, regulated and serve as a tremendous revenue producing source for those same local, state and federal governments.  And once society gets over the fact that men looking for prostitutes is not going away and hence there will always be women willing to profit on that need, whole avenues of respect for different sexual orientations would emerge. 

Jeane would have loved that.


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