Monday, May 4, 2009

Preston Burton Responds

My book – Why Just Her – was released on May 1 and received a fair amount of publicity. In particular, Fox 5 News in D.C. did a piece on the book this morning. During that piece, Jeane’s criminal trial attorney, Preston Burton made a comment: “You can draw whatever conclusions you wish from the perspective of a suspended attorney who was discharged from the criminal case and had no role in the trial. I don’t care what he says about me or the case . . . what offends me is how deeply his actions have upset Ms. Palfrey’s mother.”

Methinks he protests too much . . .

First, Jeane gave me explicit directions that I was to make sure that her story was told.  Moreover, Blanche Palfrey, Jeane’s mother, also asked me to see that Jeane’s story was told.  Indeed, Blanche said the same thing to Vicky Ward in a Vanity Fair article. In that article, Vicky wrote: “Like Jeane, Blanche desperately wants to know why Pamela Martin & Associates was singled out. ‘Someone, please, has to help me find out,’ she says.” Preston playing the grieving mother card in response to a book which challenges his ethics is nothing more than a base appeal to sympathy coupled with an ad hominem attack on me, the messenger, rather than addressing the merits of the claims about him made in the book.

This, from the man who: (i) the day after Jeane’s death rushed into court to get himself appointed as the attorney for Jeane’s estate and (ii) at Jeane’s funeral, yes, Jeane's funeral, talked Blanche into agreeing to sign a retainer agreement making Preston Jeane’s estate attorney by showing her the court order entered by the Court without first consulting me, Jeane's and Blanche's civil attorney.

At the funeral! If you think I am kidding, here is a copy of the email from Preston admitting these facts the day after the funeral:
From: Burton, Preston [pburton@orrick.com]
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:40 PM
To: mbsibley@earthlink.net; Cowden, William (USADC); Butler, Daniel (USADC); Catherine Connelly
Subject: RE: U.S. v. 803 Capitol Street Vallejo, CA et al.

Blair, I believe your pleading is incorrect based on my discussions with Blanche Palfrey. Blanche orally requested that I represent her individual interests and those of the estate. I confirmed that request with her this morning following the receipt of your email. I am sending her a formal retainer letter to confirm that is her desire. Preston
Hence, his protestations on behalf of Blanche are a little weak.

Second, I am sorry if this book opens wounds for Blanche. But this story – including Preston’s remarkable role – must be told.


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At Jeane's funeral?? Wow, I didn't know that. I will post this on the Justice League blog for Tuesday and put a link of your blog on mines.



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