Friday, May 1, 2009

The Book is Released

Today is the first anniversary of the court-induced suicide of Jeane Palfrey, known as the D.C. Madam. It was the day I have been working towards for the last year to get my 600 page book on her out. It was released and the media has picked up on the story. I am going to be on the local Fox News channel tonight and Monday morning and several national radio shows next week.

I am hoping the publicity helps books sales of course. I don’t expect the book to be a best seller as it addresses a complicated subject – federal criminal practice – that causes most eyes to glaze over. Additionally, at 600 pages, the book is not a quick read. 

Yet I do hope that a few people understand what I have written and why. I am struck by how far from the ideals of the founders of this Nation we have traveled creating in the process the very system of government we were trying to avoid: An Oligarchy spending billions of our dollars and our descendants’ dollars all the while living a life in which the rules don’t apply to them.

For at its base, Jeane’s story was not about her escort service – she was one of 194 such services which advertise in the D.C. Yellow pages – but about how, when she tried to invoke the subpoena power found in the Sixth Amendment to prove political prosecution, she was stymied at every turn preventing her from learning the truth about “Why Just Her”.  Apparently, the Sixth Amendment doesn't operate inside the Capital Beltway.


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