Friday, March 7, 2014

Six Minutes, Fifty Two Seconds Well Spent

As we all wait for the other shoe to drop as the Grand Jury finishes its concealed-from-public-view investigation of the legitimacy of Mr. Obama’s occupation of the Office of the President, I thought a personal point of pride – and a great way to spend six minutes, fifty-two seconds – was in order. My son has made a short film which was a finalist in the recent D.C. International Film Festival.  I hope you enjoy it:

By the way, you can also support his next film: Cellmate.


Anonymous said...

Sure they are. lol

Martha Trowbridge said...

Bravo! Here's to many more film gems!

Anonymous said...

LOVE, the Water of Life;

LOVE, too is the Light of the Sun & Moon;

LOVE, when all is said and done IS Life;

LOVE, the Motivator of God,

LOVE, the Reason for me and you.

Anonymous said...

In other words: You and Vogt STILL have nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! "Nothing" sounds harsh to me.

I'm sure that Sibley and Vogt have had fun dressing up in capes and kilts and engaging in role-playing games.

Reality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with the Supremes!

Even though Vogt's case will be deadlisted and denied without comment, it'll be money well spent, no?

Anonymous said...

So if a super-secret grand jury is working on Vogt's nonsense then why are you appealing to SCOTUS? It sounds like to me every single judge you pestered with the stupid letters told you to buzz off. Come on now, 'fess up.

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