Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Obama Dismisses Indictment Against Fugitive Bombing Terrorist - Part V

Update:  The Clerk of the United States Supreme Court has set for Conference my Motion to Direct the Clerk to File my Petition for Certiorari and Motion to Expedite on Friday, October 11, 2013. During the Conference, the Nine Justices will decide whether to grant or deny my Motion.  Typically, the Clerk releases the results of the Friday Conferences the following Tuesday.

So by mid-October I will learn whether the Supreme Court is going to consider the merits of my claim that Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson: (i) acted without Congressional authorization when she dismissed the indictment against the fugitive, Capitol-bombing, domestic terrorist Elizabeth Duke, (ii) lied in her Order dismissing the Indictment, (iii) misrepresented herself in the Order as an Article III judge when she is no such thing and which to do so is a felony, (iv) and did the above for presently-not-publicly-known reasons which I know and desire to present under seal to the Supreme Court as a prelude to investigation by a federal grand jury.

Or not.  Time will tell.


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Amo Probos = I loves to be probed

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