Sunday, September 22, 2013

Obama Dismisses Indictment Against Fugitive Bombing Terrorist - Part IV

In my last Blog Post, I related how, on August 10th, I filed with the Clerk of the Supreme Court my Petition for Certiorari and Motion to Expedite consideration of the Supreme Court’s review of the curious circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the indictment of the fugitive, domestic terrorist, United-States-Capitol-bombing Defendant, Elizabeth Duke.

Since then, the Clerk has twice refused to file my pleadings, instead returning them to me.  I have, twice, refused to accept the Clerk's refusals and now have gone over the Clerk’s head directly to the Nine Justices seeking an order from them Directing the Clerk to file my Petition and Motion to Expedite. This extraordinary effort on my part has now been docketed by the Clerk as Supreme Court Case No.: 13M38.  Strangely, the Clerk has renamed the case Sibley vs. United States and failed to include the Motion to Expedite in the docket entry.

I believe the obfuscation of the Clerk in repeatedly refusing to file my Petition and Motion to Expedite was directed by the Court so they could avoid addressing the merits of those pleadings.  Now, the Court cannot avoid any longer but instead is faced with a Hobson’s Choice: Either: (i) direct the Clerk to file my pleadings thus triggering a merits review of the felonious behavior of Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson as described in my prior Blog Post on this matter or (ii) confirm that they are accessories-after-the-fact to the felonious behavior of Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson.

Indeed, there is more.  For in my Motion to Expedite I request permission to file under seal information which I possess which details the improper motive for Magistrate Judge Deborah Robinson and the Obama administration to engage in this peculiar act of dismissing an Indictment against a fugitive.

So you see, the above image I have chosen for this Blog Post is most apt.  More to follow . . .


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