Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Mr. Romney . . .

In my second quo warranto lawsuit challenging Obama’s eligibility to be President, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals entered their Order yesterday summarily affirming the dismissal of my quo warranto lawsuit by the District Court.  The Appeals Court held that I did not have “standing” to challenge Obama.  Importantly, the Appeals Court never reached the merits of whether Obama is eligible or not.  No surprise; but it is a victory for me nonetheless.  Let me explain:

When I commenced my run for President in November 2011, my primary purpose was to create a legal scenario which would force the Courts to define who had "standing" and who did not.  I knew that no court would accord me the opportunity to bring the merits of my claim that Obama is ineligible to be President to a jury for the results would be – in the minds of those who inhabit the high echelons of the power status quo – devastating to them.  In essence, hacking at the roots of tyranny as I was threatened to toppled the power structure which – like several banks – had deemed itself to big to falter and fall.  Hence, the only course the government could take was to remove the legal hatchet from my hands.  But in so doing, they were compelled to define who has the legal “standing” to wield that legal hatchet which is the quo warranto legal proceeding.

And thus now, I let loose my “Hail Mary” pass to the last person in these presently-United States whom the Courts have identified as the only person who can challenged Obama’s legitimacy: Mitt Romney.

My Public Letter to Mr. Romney is straight forward: I alert him that he is now the last man who can legally challenge Obama.

I ask for thirty (30) minutes of his time so that I can play my trump card and tell him the following: 
I am privy to the name of the forger of Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth and the trail which leads to Obama.  I have kept this information private waiting for the right moment and for the right person to reveal it so that the media-lapdogs will have no alternative but to behave like real journalists rather than the administration cheerleaders they have become. 
Upon hearing this heretofore private evidence, if Mr. Romney wants to “drop the ball” and live in his 1% cocoon, well, then that is that.  I will sleep well at night knowing that I have done all I can within the constraints of the law to endeavor to transmit to my posterity those sacred rights to which I was born.

So, Mr. Romney, to quote Edward R. Murrow: “Good night, and good luck.”


Anonymous said...

Why waste time with Romney? If you know who the forger is, tell Mike Zullo of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Cold Case Posse.

Anonymous said...

Yea, it called and it wants to know about the
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It needs to be done in iCloud and not in the phone when it caught fire.
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Marc Smith said...

It's taken awhile, but Google news has given us one hit for this story. Mitt is probably going down in history as a comic footnote and not a constitutional hero, like Mr Sibley. He is seemingly not angry at being set up as a stooge to lose the election.

Anonymous said...

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Webmaster said...


I understand the theory of why the principal losing electoral challenger to Obama has legal standing. However, I don't believe Romney was ever a genuine challenger. He was a token. That being the case, who in Law has standing? Who was the next best loser, in a manner of speaking, and the real possessor of "Standing"?

Well played.


Anonymous said...

Sir, you say in ending;

... " ... I will sleep well at night knowing that I have done all I can within the constraints of the law to endeavor to transmit to my posterity those sacred rights to which I was born... " ...

Yet, I believe that you, like me, can not rest while the revealed TRUTH we each hold within us is denied voice among the very citizenry this TRUTH is meant to FREE from tyranny.

Like the "chicken or egg" question that continues to stimulate endless debates "the eligibility question vs the (U.S. natural born) citizenship question)" has taken on the character of being another unanswerable & unknowable conditions hidden from view by times passing's.

But, WE know the answer to the former is the same of the later, i.e., the one that came 1st was the one 1st conceived by the Creator, the conception by the Creator being the whole and all of it.

In spite of Justice Waite's admonishment that " The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that." ....

I say that any "RESORT" beyond that which was 'created" by the Framers of the Constitution and ITS subsequent duly enacted Laws dishonors the establishment of this New Nation and New form of Guv'mnt among the Nations of the World.

The Constitution, statutory in its construction REQUIRES a (U.S.) natural born Citizen and the 1st Congress in March of 1790 defined (U.S.) natural born Citizens into existence.

Those facts are indisputable, however, intellectual honesty & common sense have since become victims of "political agendas" and spun through the machinations of legal and political discourse to the point where that which was created is no longer recognizable.

Currently there is no uniformly acknowledged legal, (enforceable), definition of circumstances that identifies who is or is not a (U.S.) natural born Citizen being in conformity with the Constitutional requirement & intent of its usage within Article II.....

....begging the question, "if a chicken makes no eggs is a chicken still a chicken...?..."

(...or, if there is no LEGAL (U.S.) natural born Citizens under U.S. Law can there be a "LEGAL" POTUS....)

Marrow said...

What pain the fight for right amongst the mighty how they must one day fall some guy said soon who knows or cares truth is slippery at best at worst it feeds off others suffering while the few escape to Martha's Vineyard just for ice-tea with the notables as they sip gin and play rummy all day long...

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