Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is Judge Bates another Judge Sirica?

For those who don't recall, the Washington Post reported: "In 1973 Sirica ordered  President Nixon to turn over tapes of White House  conversations to special prosecutor Archibald Cox and congressional investigators. The Supreme Court upheld his ruling in July 1974, spurring Nixon's resignation in the face of impeachment. In all, 19 officials from the Nixon White House and reelection campaign were convicted."

Now, some forty years later, Judge Bates sits in the same posture as Judge Sirica.  I have issued subpoenas for information related to the alleged criminal behavior of a sitting President who has sought to defraud the People as to his true provenance.  Mr. Obama is fighting back mightily to prevent that evidence from being revealed.

Judge Bates can bury my subpoenas and likely close the door to the proof of Obama's birth contained in the 20th Century documents I seek. Or, refreshingly, a federal district court judge can remember why he is given a lifetime appointment and allow the truth to be revealed.

It is now out of my hands as I have taken this fight farther than anyone has and indeed as far as a private citizen can . . . now history turns to Judge Bates.  Will Time Magazine recognize him as "Man of the Year" in 2013?  Only Time, if you will excuse the pun, will tell.


Anonymous said...

Your recent reponse to defendant's motion to stay discovery has several factual errors.

In Footnote 2 the Bates Stamp sequenced number is not out of sequence as shown by Johanna Ah'Nee's August 23rd, 1961 Kapiolani birth certificate. The rubber stamp's "TXE" is not real but a result of the low resolution of the pdf file. Higher resolution images prove that the rubber stamp says "THE". Binary and grayscale images in the same scan are not impossible and the nine layers in the pdf file are indicative of forgery but the result of the software algorithms used to reduce the image to the pdf file size.

The Social Security Administration's website says that the 3-digit geographic locator prefix does not provide any geographic information.

The Selective Service Registration card has a 10 digit DLN that could only have been issued in 1980.

Other than that nicely written

Anonymous said...

"The Social Security Administration's website says that the 3-digit geographic locator prefix does not provide any geographic information."

This is a recent proclamation from SSA. In the late 70's, the 3-digit geographic locator prefix does provide geographic information on the applicant.

Obama's 3 digit prefix an application with a return address in Connecticut because it is the location of his legal custodian at the time of application.

According to Obama's autobiography, he returned to Hawaii from Jakarta at the age of 10, alone, with his grandmother waiting for him. Unfortunately, ICE has a policy against clearing children with foreign passports on international flights. An Unaccompanied Minor on a international flight is taken into protective custody.

In the late 70's, Catholic Social Services of Connecticut was one of two child welfare agencies contracting with HHS to taken Unaccompanied Minors or abandoned refugees into custody.

A custody hearing was held in Hawaii shortly after a 10 year old Obama deplaned. BHO Sr was flown to Hawaii from Kenya to complain the Soetoro adoption was finalized without his knowledge or consent. In response, Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro testified BHO Sr was not the biological father of BHO II after she signed an affidavit on the original long form BC BHO Sr was the biological father.

The Court ruled BHO Sr. was the father, the Soetoro adoption was annulled, and Catholic Social Services of Connecticut was to remain as the legal custodian of BHO II with his grandmother appointed as legal guardian.

The retraction of her affidavit on the original long form BC resulted in the vital record remaining sealed and archived after the Soetoro adoption was annulled. Consequently, only an unsigned COLB created by order of the Court is available to document Obama's birth.

Obama's ineligibility is rooted in the fact US SoS Dean Rusk issued Obama a Certificate of Loss of Nationality in 1968. Obama remained a foreign national until 1983 when he naturalized as a U.S. Citizen.

There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence of Obama's foreign nationality. For example, Catholic Social Services of Connecticut specialized in taking custody of Unaccompanied Minors with foreign nationality in the 70's. Obama's 3-digit SSN prefix is a Connecticut number because Catholic Social Services of Connecticut applied with the SSA on behalf of Obama. Consequently, Obama's SSN application contains the return address of Catholic Social Services and not his grandmother's address in Hawaii.

Also, in 2007, Obama announced he would seek Federal matching funds for his 2008 Presidential Campaign. Later he reversed and refused to apply for Federal matching funds. The FEC has ruled an ineligible candidate can campaign for the nomination as a candidate for the Office of POTUS, but an ineligible candidate cannot receive Federal matching funds. See http://www.fec.gov/press/press2012/20121001_Hassan_v._FEC.shtml Hassan v. FEC.

Anonymous said...

Ten year old Obama traveled on his own US passport so ICE allowed him to be picked up by his grandparents. Also the Catholic Charities of Hawaii would have been the agency to take in a refugee child.

Anonymous said...

The Courts insist Obama's COLB and the HI Registrar's certification are all that is needed to verify natural born citizenship status.

Actually, Obama's INS file and NUMIDENT file with SSA describe citizenship status throughout his life. History will show Obama was a Permanent Resident Alien from 1971 to 1983. The PRA Field in Obama's NUMIDENT file with SSA is a "y" for "yes." Obama's Form SS-5, Application for SSN, was filed for him by his legal custodian, Catholic Social Services of Connecticut; thus, a Connecticut SSN prefix number.

Anonymous said...

Obama was never a resident alien as he never lost his US citzenship. In fact, it was illegal under existing US laws and Supreme Court precedent for him to lose his US citzenship. And it was impossible for him to gain Indonesian citzenship under Indonesian law and under the 1930 Hague Convention for Nationality.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia was not a signatory of the Hague Convention Treaty.

Stanley Ann Dunham - Soetoro was required to notify the State Department of family members previously named on her expiring passport that had naturalized in a foreign state.

After it was confirmed Barack Hussein Obama's name was struck out and written in her 1967 passport renewal application to exclude him from the renewed U.S. Passport.

Finally, the Supreme Court struck down a of the INA which allowed for involuntary expatriation. Obama's Certificate of Loss of Nationality issued to him in 1968 was finalized 6 months after his 18th birtday when he chose not to recapture his U.S. Citizenship and remain an Indonesian National.

Obama returned to America in 1971 as an Indonesian National and naturalized as a U.S. Citizen in 1983. In 1971, Obama flew to America as an Unaccompanied Minor on an International flight with foreign citizenship. If he had been an American, he would have been allowed to clear customs to be reunited with his American family. As a foreign national, he was not allowed to clear customs and taken into protective custody by ICE.

In the early 70's, Catholic Social Services of Connecticut was one of two contractors with the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services to take legal custody of minor children who were abandoned refugees in federal custody. Obama was in the legal custody of Catholic Social Services of Connecticut until his 18th birthday. His grandmother, Madelyn Payne, was his legal guardian.

Anonymous said...

Ann Dunham Soetoro removed him from her passport because she knew he would be traveling to the Hawaii alone and needed to get him his own US passport. Indonesian law prohibited dual citizenship and US law prohibited a minor child from losing his US citizenship. He could not get an Indonesian passport so Mrs. Soetoro had no option but to get him his own US passport.

Anonymous said...

The passport Stanley Ann and BHO II used to travel to Indonesia was issued July 19, 1965. It was renewed 3 years later in Jakarta, Indonesia on on August 13, 1968 with an expiration date of July 18, 1970.

Stanley Ann traveled to Hawaii after BHO II in Oct, 1971 on an expired passport.

If Stanley Ann wanted BHO II to have his own passport and excluded him from hers, it would have expired 3 years after application, Aug. 1971. Or are you trying to make the case Stanley Ann renewed BHO's II passport and did not renew her own passport in 1971.

If BHO II was a U.S. Citizen in 1971, he would not have been able to obtain a Connecticut SSN unless he received his mail there. The only plausible explanation is Catholic Social Services of Connecticut was his legal custodian after Stanley Ann and Lolo Soetoro were stripped of their parental rights for abandonment.

Anonymous said...

Obama was already in the US when his passport expired having spent the summer of 1971 with his grandparents.

The zip code for his grandparents house in 1970's was 96814 and the zip code for danbury Connecticut is 06814. From 1971 on SSn were based on the zip code on the SS-5 card and were issued from Baltimore, Maryland. A clerk/typist transcribing the information from the handwritten ss-5 card hit the 0 key instead of the 9 key and Obama received a Connecticut prefix.

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