Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The straw that broke the Camel's back

As I wrote in a previous post, thirty-three (33) of the thirty-four (34) states needed to "call" a Convention to Propose Amendments under Article V have made such a "call".  I have compiled the list of those states and the citations to the Congressional Record where each such "call" is recorded.

This means of course if only one (1) more state makes such a call, Congress would be compelled -- and the Supreme Court could be properly petitioned under its original jurisdiction to order Congress to -- call such a Convention.

Thus it was with real delight that I received a telephone call in response to my Black Caucus letter from one of the seventeen (17) states holding the power to make the "call".

The conversation I had with this person covered the technical issues of how a state makes a Congressional "call", the wisdom and value of so doing and ended with me stating what I fatuously have named "Sibley's Law":  If you can do something positive, you should; if you are the only one who can do something positive, you must."

It was now out of my hands . . . and into  someone else's.


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