Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Michael Stokes Paulsen, an eminent Law Professor has concluded: "The bottom line: Thirty-three states are currently in a condition of validly applying for a "general" Article V convention--just one state short of the total needed to trigger Congress's obligation to call such a convention."  How to Count to Thirty-four: the Constitutional Case for a Constitutional Convention

Upon this fine, un-impeachable, legal research and analysis the stage was set.  It would take only one of the 17 states which had yet to call for a Constitutional Convention to call for one and the die would be cast, the issue framed, and the Supreme Court's original jurisdiction to be invoked to decide whether Article V had a life or not.  Simply put,  is the exact mechanism the Constitution contemplates for constitutional change no longer a viable way for the People to control their government?  To force the Supremes to decide that issue would lay bare the fraud our democracy has become for all to see.

Thus, the telephone call I received from the Black Caucus in one of those 17 States in late December set in motion a series of events which would touch the civic life of each resident of the United States.


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