Monday, November 19, 2012

The Opening Charge

In my lawsuit challenging the ability of the Electoral College members to vote for Obama, the Judge has set on an expedited basis my motion for preliminary injunction.  The date for the hearing is November 29, 2012 at 11:00 a.m.  In preparation for that hearing I have subpoenaed from Barack Hussein Obama, II, both his Short-Form “Certificate of Live Birth” and Long-Form “Certificate of Live Birth” which are the sole evidence that Mr. Obama has proffered to the American People to establish his eligibility for the Office of President.

As most eloquently stated in State ex rel. Whiteman v. Chase, 5 Ohio St. 528, 534 (1856): “Under our system of government, no officer is placed above the restraining authority of the law, which is truly said to be universal in its behests, all paying it homage, the least as feeling its care, and the greatest as not being exempt from its power.”  

We will soon see if that laudable 19th Century aspiration lives-on in the 21st Century.


Anonymous said...

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Vicky Gallas said...


Sorry I took so long to login and publish the comment you left on my blog this AM, but the main reason that I moderate comments is spammers like the one posting above here. The website URL it links even spells "wedding" incorrectly. Good grief, right?

I will be honest and state that I have never paid attention to the Obama birth certificate stuff. I do have a question though...

According to my reading of the eligibility requirements, I, a US citizen born in Paris to two American citizen parents born on US soil would be eligible for the Office of the President. Is that correct?

Is that why McCain was eligible, but Obama is viewed as ineligible? Thank you for your response in advance.


Vicky Gallas said...

I feel that I need to add additional clarification to my question posted above.

Though I was born in Paris, both my mother and father were in the USAF - well, my mother had to get out because back then, women could not remain in the USAF if pregnant - but she rejoined after I was born.

So according to the reading of the eligibility requirements, I'm going to guess that I would not be eligible. Is that correct? McCain was eligible because even though he was not born in the US, he was born in a US territory (at the time of his birth it was anyway), whereas Paris sure has never been a US territory.

Am I making sense here?

Vicky Gallas said...

Sorry to hog the comments section here. :)

I found this, which discusses what would be relevant to my eligibility as well as McCain's:


So I would be eligible as McCain was.

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