Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sibley vs. Obama and Holder -- Round #1 Goes to the Government

It comes as no surprise that the District Court ruled in favor of the government -- after all, the same name is on the paychecks of the government attorneys and the judge. The Order of Dismissal in essence held that I do not have standing to bring this suit as I am not "harmed". Instead, the judge implicitly indicated that I must be arrested first, then I can challenge the constitutionality of the Controlled Substances Act in the District of Columbia given the Congressionally-approved D.C. Medical Marijuana Act. Some choice!

I have, of course, asked the Court to reconsider given (i) the holding of the Supreme Court in Babbitt v. United Farm Workers Nat'l Union and (ii) the retaliatory action of the government in, I believe, coercing Wells Fargo Bank to close the bank account of my company, the Medical Marijuana Company of America, LLC.

More as this battle advances . . .


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