Monday, February 22, 2016

Sibley v. Chief Judge Roberts & Clerk of Court Caesar -- Part I

On February 9, 2016, I renewed my request to D.C. U. S. District Court Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts to Modify the Restraining orders which presently prohibit me under pain of contempt-of-court from releasing telephone records I properly have in my custody which I believe are relevant to the Presidential election.

On February 11, 2016, Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts penned a short "Denied" on my cover letter to the Clerk of Court and returned all the pleadings to me.  Notably, Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts again pretended that I was requesting permission to file, rather than seeking to modify the existing retraining orders.  It is a wonderful thing when you can pretend that something is what it isn't.

As a result, I have three options available to me to discharge my First Amendment right and duty to engage in a free discussion of the importance of these Verison Wireless records upon public events and public measures, and thus bring the government and any person in authority to the bar of public opinion for just criticism upon their conduct in the exercise of the authority which the people have conferred -- and are preparing to confer -- upon them.

First, I could do nothing.  As anyone who knows me personally would attest, walking away from tyrants is not in my Scottish nature.  Hell, onomatopoeia-speaking my middle name is a verb which means: "to emit a loud, raucous sound". Thus it should not be surprising that it is hard for me to be quiet when faced with such arrogance in public officials.

Second, I could appeal first to the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeal, wait awhile as they fiddled as Rome burns and then petition the U.S. Supreme Court.  The trouble is that course of action would require $800 in filing fees ($500 at the Circuit Court and $300 at the Supreme Court) and then the printing costs for the Briefs, Motions and Petitions in those Courts which will run some $1,000.  I simply don't have $1,800 to throw at this plain deprivation of my First Amendment Right to Publish.  If you do, please let me know.

Thus, I turned to the third option:  Sue Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts and Clerk of Court Angela Caesar personally for one million dollars each and ask the Court to declare that insomuch as I can't get a hearing on my motion to modify the restraining orders, I am released from them and thus may distribute the Verizon Wireless records as I deems fit.

The Complaint in Sibley v. Roberts & Caesar was filed today in D.C. Superior Court.  The government will screw around for a while, probably remove it to federal court and then claim that both Chief Judge Richard W. Roberts and Clerk of Court Angela Caesar are immune from suit.

We will see.


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