Thursday, September 11, 2014

Part IV -- A New Hope

After some one hundred sixty-five (165) posts regarding "Reflections on a Justice System which has evolved to Threaten -- Rather Than Protect -- Our Liberties", I have concluded that there was nothing more to be said on that subject. The evolution to absolute judicial tyranny is complete and further documentation here to memorialize that transformation would serve no purpose.

Hence, a new direction for me and this blog as the masthead now declares:  "A Future Memoir on the Calling of the First Convention to Propose Amendments to the Federal Constitution". 


Martha Trowbridge said...

Honored to be the first to congratulate you, dear friend and colleague. I feel the Lord God beaming at your inspired endeavor.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous AT 2:16 PM:

I deleted your post remotely from here.

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