Friday, November 1, 2013

Obama Dismisses Indictment Against Fugitive Bombing Terrorist - Part V: The Praetorian Guard Strikes Back

Readers of this Blog will know that I have been seeking to invoke the “supervisory jurisdiction” of the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in the curious case of Magistrate Judge Robinson and her dismissal of the indictment against the fugitive domestic terrorist Elizabeth Duke.  At first the Court’s Praetorian Guard refused to file my Petition regarding this issue.  I then made a motion to the Court to direct the Clerk to file that Petition. The Court putatively denied that Motion. I timely made a Motion to Reconsider that denial.  

Today I received from Praetorian Guard Clerk Atkins a letter in which he refused to file my Motion to Reconsider claiming – notably without citation to any authority – that “No further explanation of the order is available” and “no further consideration by this Court is possible.”

I, of course, do not recognize the authority of a clerk to determine what a justice will or will not see absent a specific rule or order of the Court closing the matter.  Hence, today I have filed my Motion to Direct the Clerk to file my Motion for Reconsideration.

Simply stated, I have alleged: (i) criminal coercion of a federal judge by the Obama Department of Justice, (ii) backed up with compelling circumstantial evidence that (iii) shows illegal behavior by Magistrate Judge Robinson in dismissing the indictment against Elizabeth Duke. If the Supreme Court wants to avoid addressing this issue by refusing to allow the claim to be filed, then I guess we have a new way of conducting business in the Courts of this land: justice if and only if convenient to maintaining the status quo.

How convenient for our new Caesars.


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