Thursday, July 30, 2009

Prostitution, Pornography and Hypocrisy

CNBC recently aired a report entitled “Porn: The Business of Pleasure”, which got my thinking about the intersection of Prostitution, Pornography and the Hypocrisy in our police state. The show will air again on Monday, August 10th 10p ET, Sunday, August 16th 1a ET, Wednesday, August 19th 1a ET, and Friday, August 28th 10p and 1a ET. I highly recommend watching it . . .

Prostitution is illegal most everywhere and is generally defined as “The act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire.” Pornography has many forms, but all would agree that it usually involves two or more individuals: “engaging in sex acts for hire.” And from CNBC these amazing statistics about the Porn Industry emerge: “[T]he porn business is so big that every second: $3,075 is spent on it; More than 28,000 Internet users are viewing it; 372 Internet users are using search engines to find it; And every 39 minutes, a new porn video is being produced in the U.S.”

Obviously, that is a lot of sex for hire going on. Clearly, in violation of the federal Mann Act, people are crossing state lines for “immoral purposes”. Yet no prosecutions, no criminal forfeiture of assets against the porn industry and yet the federal Department of Justice continues its jihad against Escort Services operators like Jeane Palfrey, the D.C. Madam.

Tomorrow, I will discuss the legal hypocrisy that allows this massive porn industry to flourish and its implications for the future of our Union created to “establish justice”.


Vicky Gallas said...

I did watch "Porn: The Business of Pleasure" and have questions similar to yours. I see ads seeking actors and actresses for porn movies in a variety of places in Orlando, most notably on Craigslist. These people are being paid for sex, so what is the difference and why are escort services pursued but not porn producers and actors? To see that this is going on in conservative Orlando, a place where anything adult business related is attacked, is strange. I'd really like to understand the difference from a legal perspective, if there is a difference at all.

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