Monday, May 11, 2009

Responses to the Book's Release – Part 2b

I wrote the anonymous e-mailer back saying . . .

Thank you for you comments. I can't respond to her pre-arrest behavior, I only employed the term "heroic" for when the weight of the U.S. Government fell on her, she didn't break but stood up to those wielding that enormous power arbitrarily.

She didn't drag anyone to trial, the government did.

To me, she was heroic in that way.

My anonymous e-mailer would quickly write back:

And thank you for writing back. That narrow slice I can concur with, that she did not fold under some very heavy and very wrong pressure. But her keeping and releasing the phone numbers--many of which were her former escorts--DID directly ruin women's lives. I know three such women very well, and others less so. And no, I am neither their client nor their pimp in any sense of the word, but I am friends with them.

I am not at all surprised she didn't drag the women into court for what most would have said would not have been helpful to her case, and I think the prosecution's treatment of the women was equally bad if not worse.


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