Friday, April 17, 2009

Jeane and Psychics

My book on Deborah Jeane Palfrey, which is on track to be publicly released May 1st – the first anniversary of her death – as originally written was over 170,000 words. That was too long and as it turns out the book is 140,000 words or just shy of 600 pages. That means I had to cut out 30,000 words on Jeane’s life. One part of that life was her long standing consultation with and reliance upon psychics and astrologers. . . 

Starting in the 1980s – when Jeane was running her “Unique Club for Men”, an in-call massage parlor disguised as a barber shop in Orlando, Florida – Jeane regularly visited the community of Cassadaga, Florida. As the website for Cassadaga states: “Through the years, many psychics have enjoyed reading in Cassadaga due to the ethereal vibrations with Spirit and clients with utmost clarity. These special etheric vibrations emanate from the earth itself, sometimes called Ley Lines or energy Hot Spots. Known as “The Psychic Center of the World”, Cassadaga continues today as the premiere psychic community and is home to some of America’s finest psychics.”

It was a psychic there in the mid 1980s who told Jeane that her business was under investigation by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation and she should leave town. In short order, Jeane sold the business and left Orlando for San Diego, California. A month after she sold the business, the new owner was arrested and charged with promoting prostitution.

In the intervening years, Jeane often visited Cassadaga when she was in Florida visiting her mother who lived in Tarpon Springs, Florida. During my representation of her, she regularly consulted with one Psychic – Spiritualist Hazel Tomim. Hazel repeatedly told Jeane her case would work out to her benefit. A week before Jeane’s unsuccessful suicide attempt, Hazel answered Jeane’s inquiry about the afterlife and whether we would meet those we loved in this life in the next.  Armed with Hazel's response, Jeane did enter the after-life.  I do know the night before her successful suicide, Jeane spent the evening watching old home movies of her beloved, deceased father. 

For Jeane’s sake, I hope Hazel was right.


Dream Interpretation said...

Yup..Hope she's right because they say suicide cases usually can't proceed to heaven.

Anonymous said...

You write:
"A week before Jeane’s unsuccessful suicide attempt,"

Do you not mean successful? Was there another attempt before the successful one?

I knew Jeane Palfrey and I believe her greed killed her. I think she accumulated enough money to easily retire but kept wanting more, more, more. It's too bad one of these so called psychics didn't warn her in advance. Jeane was very superstitious and would have listened, obviously.

I can also tell you she was a sushi fanatic which is a fact that most people aren't aware of.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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