Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Fat Lady is Still Singing

Maryland Court Revives Suit by 'Birther' Sibley

While I am waiting for the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to make their next move in the D.C. Madam matter, I thought it appropriate to note that the Maryland Special Court of Appeals has reversed the dismissal of my lawsuit seeking acess to the Montgomery County Grand Jury to present evidence regarding the questionable nature of the identity documents of Mr. Obama.

The full article can be read here and the actual opinion here.

So I guess this litigation arc seeking access to court and grand jury to address legitmate concerns is not quite done, yet.


Anonymous said...

It is mind blowing to think that you still expect the courts to side in your favor. Neither of these courts will help you. Maybe if you released the records, the courts would take you more seriously. By not releasing you give the impression that you don't have anything or are too scared. No one will pay attention to you months from now when you are "still waiting" for the courts to decide.

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz just filed for re-election to the Senate in Texas. If he's on the DC Madam list, it needs to come out soon!

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