Friday, January 8, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Rubio & Me

Last May I wrote a short response to a Note in the Harvard Law Review which Note sought to legitimatize Messrs. Rubio/Cruz/Jindal as eligible to be President under Article II's "natural born Citizen" requirement.  Predictably, the Harvard Law Review refused to print my retort.  

The main stream media has been mocking anyone who seeks to raise the presently-unanswered-by-the-judiciary question: "What does the phrase 'natural born Citizen' mean in Article II."   Apparently, people are starting to take notice of my legal argument in this regard:  I received this today from the Social Sciences Research Network where my Response is filed and publicy available.

Your paper, "A RESPONSE TO THE HARVARD LAW REVIEW NOTE OF PAUL CLEMENT AND NEAL KATYAL: 'ON THE MEANING OF NATURAL BORN CITIZEN'", was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list.  You may view the abstract athttp://ssrn.com/abstract=2700641


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