Friday, February 27, 2015

Request for Grand Jury Investigation into the Legitimacy of Obama's Identity Documents

With this post, I declare that I am done seeking to engage the judicial and/or legislative machinery to examine the questionable identity documents of Barack Hussein Obama. 

While in 1922, every citizen of the United States had the right "to require that the Government be administered according to law. . . .”, that "right" now seems to have been lost. (SeeFairchild v. Hughes, 258 U.S. 126, 130 (1922)).

Accordingly, I make one last plea to those who care about this central issue of the integrity of those who govern our Republic:  Read my Open Letter and then do what your conscience dictates.  If nothing else, forward this Post to your email contact list.


Kevin Davidson said...

Fairchild v. Hughes does not say that every citizen has the right you cite. In fact, the Supreme Court decision says that citizens cannot bring lawsuits like this.

Kevin Davidson said...

Nevermind. I see what you did there.

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