Friday, December 13, 2013

In Re: Douglas Vogt – Part IV

It is now common knowledge that a key player in the Obama birth certificate controversy -- Loretta Fuddy -- has died in a plane crash in Hawaii. The peculiar circumstances of her death include the fact that the airplane in which she was traveling has sunk in an area of the ocean so deep that National Transportation Safety Board spokesman Eric Weiss said "it was unlikely the plane will be recovered." How convenient.

What isn't common knowledge is the new facts about Fuddy and Obama's Certificate of Live Birth contained in the Sealed Affidavit now pending at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. Now, she will never be questioned about those facts.  I think the timing of the filing of that Sealed Affidavit and Fuddy's death is more than curious.

Maybe it is just a tragic accident. But as a young lawyer I was taught that if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck, then chances are it is a duck. It wouldn't be the first suspicious death of an individual who was a threat to the status quo. My dear friend Jeane Palfrey was such a threat and she died under mysterious circumstances as well. In fact there are many who died suspiciously and their stories are collected at this website

So, just for the record, if a drone falls on my head and the government claims it was an accident, know that it wasn't.


Anonymous said...

The pilot survived the crash landing. However, his name will not be released before his next of kin have been notified.

Anonymous said...

One of the 8 survivors (Fuddy was the only passenger that didn't survive) says that Fuddy showed no signs of distress when he last say her. She was safely in the water at that time. He then swam to shore a mile away. A U.S. Coast Guard rescue swimmer says Fuddy had no pulse when he reached her to hoist her to safety.


Anonymous said...

Fuddy's body has been recovered and is being autopsied. The plane has been spotted on a ledge underwater and a recovery attempt will be made.


Anonymous said...

Oddities: If reports are correct, shortly after al the passengers and the pilot were floating in the water, the pilot and a male passenger left the group and swam to shore. Perhaps the pilot swam to the shore to get help. But that could--and should have--been undertaken by the male swimmer. It hardly seems proper that the pilot(who had, under the circumstances, become a Captain) should leave his group of crash-landed passengers alone and floating in the water.

Kieth Yamamoto, Fuddy's assistant, said he held Fuddy's hand while the two floated together. At some point, Yamamoto says, Fuddy's hand slipped from his hand. If your boss's hand slipped from your hand, under those circumstances, wouldn't you immediately re-attach yourself to your boss to see what was the matter and how you could help? One infers from Yamamoto's story that once Fuddy's hand slipped from Yamamoto's, he left Fuddy to her own drifting devices.

The NTBS's initially decided not to raise the plane because it was too deeply sunk,, and the area was prone to bad waves and currents, The NTSB subsequently reversed its decision and said the plane had sunk in shallow water, was visible, and would be raised. What prompted the initial decision and reversal? The plane was easy to recover and could have been raised by a private party. Was that a motivating factor?

On the day of the crash landing two other crashes of small planes occurred. The NTSB routinely listed and published the two other plane crashes, but omitted the Fuddy crash. Why?

There may be other oddities about this event, but these are enough to at least raise the possibility that the crash was not an accident..

Jerry said...

One person who is actively investigating Fuddy's death,not just talking about it, is attorney Orly Taitz who has at least half a dozen active legal actions against Obama.

bournel harrison said...

It is very strange that the flight recorder stopped at exactly 12068.000 seconds. But that interval would be almost 3 and one half hours, much too long for a short flight between islands. Strangely enough, though, if you convert to hours you find that the crash was within a minute of being exactly 12068 hours after a significant and well publicized event in global politics.

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