Friday, November 22, 2013

In Re: Douglas Vogt - Part I

As I reported last time, Douglas Vogt has filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington a Notice of Commission.  This document asked the court to refer the evidence contained in Doug’s 95 page public affidavit and 75 page sealed affidavit to the Grand Jury to investigate.

In response, the Court has mis-characterized Doug’s filing as a “complaint” and dismissed it for lack of jurisdiction and “standing”. This case is far from over.

In addition, the first wave of 25+ mailings to district court judges across the country has commenced.  Here’s hoping Christmas comes early in the form of an invitation to present this forensic – and other presently not public – information about Obama’s Certificates of Live Birth to a fair and impartial Grand Jury.

As so many have forgotten, this is the Grand Jury’s job: A grand jury investigation is not fully carried out until every available clue has been run down and all witnesses examined in every proper way to find if a crime has been committed. United States v. Stone, 429 F.2d 138, 140 (CA2 1970). Such an investigation may be triggered by tips, rumors, evidence proffered by the prosecutor, or the personal knowledge of the grand jurors. Costello v. United States, 350 U.S., at 362. It is only after the grand jury has examined the evidence that a determination of whether the proceeding will result in an indictment can be made . . . ." Branzburg V. Hayes et Al., at 701-72.

So  . . . why is the Obama DOJ and the Chief Justice Roberts Court System blocking Vogt's affidavit from a Grand Jury investigation? If the government can prevent 23 citizens to determine if a crime has been committed -- a power reserved unto the People by the Fifth Amendment -- by blocking public access to the Grand Jury, then what are we the People to do?

My answer will be forthcoming soon . . .


MarsTheDestroyer said...

Vogt has never seen, or even been in the same room with the birth certificate, so what he has to say is just speculation. His 75 page document is just mainly screenshots from nutty web sites. Real courts need real evidence to act. This fruitcake has none.

Anonymous said...

Your "birth certificate" is a printout or a printed screenshot of a manufactured digital image purporting to be a printout or scan of an actual, hard, paper document. There is no "birth certificate" to be ..."in the same room with..."

Unknown said...

are you people STILL BEATING THIS DEAD HORSE? good god, get a life.

Anonymous said...

"There is no "birth certificate" to be ..."in the same room with..."

There is however a certified copy that you can be "in the same room with,,," This copy has never been examined by Vogt. The closest he got to it was looking at the photos of it taken by Savannah Guthrie. The PDF and the AP copy are too compressed and distorted by the coping and scanning process to be of any scientific value.

MarsTheDestroyer said...

There are more than 100000 judges in the United States. Many are stupid. Some are criminal. But the Birthers have not yet found even one judge who is so ignorant so as not to know that you cannot make any reasonable conclusions about the authenticity of a document based on a compressed image of a file that has been screenshot off some web browser by someone.

Vogt has never been within miles of the certified document, and has not even bothered to ask, or to try to interview anyone who claims to have seen it.

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