Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Issues are Joined

In my quo warranto lawsuit against Obama, as we say in the Law, the issues are now joined for the Court's determination.  Last week, the Defendants filed their motion to dismiss my lawsuit seeking to oust Obama and have access to the Grand Jury to present evidence of Obama's arguably criminal behavior relating to his putative certificate of birth.

In response to the quo warranto writ Obama said that the only person who could bring that suit is his Attorney General, Eric Holder.  That's convenient and not likely to happen anytime during the next four years.

In response to my demand made pursuant to the First Amendment's guarantee of the right to petition and the duty imposed through 18 U.S.C. §3332 by Congress on the Attorney General to present evidence of criminal behavior to the Grand Jury when requested, the Defendant Attorney General said in sum and substance "I can ignore Congress and while Mr. Sibley may have a right to Petition the Grand Jury, he can't enforce that right. Neh, Neh, Neh Boo, Boo." (O.K., I added that last part) Kim Jong Un probably wishes he had thought of that!

My Memorandum of Law in Opposition has been drafted and filed.  Needless to say it argues the opposite and a lot more to boot.  

So now Judge Bates will act as Referee and decides who wins when he gets around to it.  


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