Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kill the Messenger so you don't have to hear the Message

Mahatma Ghandi's is reported to have said, "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win."

Here, "they" could not ignore me given the extensive press coverage my campaign announcement and the filing of my lawsuit against Obama has received.  Hence, it is resort to the ad hominem argument in an attempt to get people to ignore what I am saying upon the premise that I have solely base motives of personal gain.  Let me explain.

The media response to my press release has uniformly mis-stated the fact that: "Sibley will also not accept contributions for his campaign. He is instead asking supporters to buy his D.C. Madam book “Why Just Her.”  While it is true that I will not accept campaign contributions, nowhere in my press release or campaign website do I mention my book Why Just Her about the D.C. Madam. (Indeed, talks are underway for Susan Lucci to play Jeane in a movie version which would finally allow the full story behind Jeane's life and death to be told through a docudrama format.)

Instead, I do mention my book the Justicide Brief stating that if anyone wants to help defray the cost of my campaign, they could buy a copy.  (The Justicide Brief -- after tracing the growth of justice from the Magna Charta to the U.S. Constitutions, asserts that justice has been killed by the very forces sworn to protect it.)

Yet ignored by the media is that on the same page, I offer to give the Justicide Brief away for Free!  If my motive for running for President and suing Obama about his eligibility to be President was simply to make money selling the Justicide Brief, why then am I giving it away for free?

More importantly, why this pervasive disinformation campaign? My answer: I  have Obama cornered by my lawsuit and his camp -- along with its compliant mass media -- is resorting to any means possible to stop the inevitable judicial resolution of the seminal question I raise: Is Obama a "natural born Citizen" as the Constitution requires or have we as citizens lost the right to require our government to follow the law upon which it was formed?


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