Friday, May 21, 2010

Supremes vs. Me, Part III

Ignoring every single argument raised in my 95 page Response to the Order to Show Cause, the Supreme Court entered its Order disbarring me on May 17, 2010, from practice before them.

I, of course, take exception to a Court that does not even read -- as their order implies -- let alone respond to the arguments raised in my filing challenging their disbarment of me. That is the essence of judicial tyranny against which I rail.

I am not sure, but I think a new lawsuit -- Sibley vs. The Supremes IV -- is in the offering . . .


Vicky Gallas said...


I am sorry to read this, but expected as much. I know that you know why I passed on law school - they would've gotten rid of me in less than a year for no real reason.

I mailed a friend in federal prison my copy of "Why Just Her" and he was so impressed that he requested I print your motions and responses in your current case and mail as well. He stated that he further developed several ideas from the material. The guy has been there since 1998 (drug trafficking) and I've known him since 1992. Shortly after arriving at the BOP, he took that Blackstone paralegal course and subsequently had plenty of cases overturned for other inmates, but then had an extended trip to SHU. He wants your Federal Forfeiture Practice Manual, so I'll order it when I get the extra cash. Federal prisoners appreciate the litigation efforts.

Have you considered my idea on the other book? You know - the cheap, instructional one? It's working out alright for me with the Blueprint books.

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