Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun and Games at SCOTUS

Those crazy clerks at SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) are at it again. As I noted in my last blog in this category, on March 22, 2010, SCOTUS suspended me from practice before them and directed that a Rule to Show Cause should issue requiring me to reply within 40 days why I shouldn't be disbarred from SCOTUS.

Yet day after day passed and I never received the actual Rule to Show Cause so I didn't know what the basis of my proposed diabarrment would be and thus couldn't prepare my response.

Yesterday, I finally received the Rule to Show Cause and it contained a minor suprise . . .

The Rule to Show Cause required that I respond within 40 days from March 22, 2010. Yet the envelope in which it was mailed was not postmarked until April 2, 2010, and I did not receive it until yesterday thereby costing me 13 days of preparation time. Clearly, someone at the Supreme Court is using dirty tricks to make my life more difficult.


Unknown said...

The Clerk with the Supreme Court of Florida did the same thing with me. Mailed a notice requiring a response within 10 days to the local sheriff for service on me . . . which did not occur for another week or so, such that my reply was late, and no right to appeal because of the deadline. My reponse (not published) was late and therefore unconsidered.

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