Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Typical Escort Service Client

While a few of the clients of Jeane’s escort service were famous or notorious – say about 10-15 men – most were rather ordinary people of upper income status. Many contacted me after the story broke in the fall of 2006 begging not to be publicly identified for the harm it would cause to their present life. A typical one follows . . . 
I am writing to inquire about the extent to which you are going to sell/release your phone records. I patronized your service a few times in the late 1990s and I am extremely nervous about your disclosing those billing statements. In the late 1990s, I was depressed having had a long-term relationship end after a military deployment to the Balkans, and having lost my confidence I needed some attention and called your service. Today, things are dramatically different in my life. In 2002, I met and married the woman of my dreams. In between deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, we managed to have a beautiful child. I am happier now than at any other point in my life, but for the last couple of weeks, I am struggling mightily with the revelation that something that I have done in the past (rightfully or wrongfully) could potentially drive away all of the wonderful things that have come to me the last few years.

Ms. Palfrey, I am a private citizen and of no public value to you or your attorneys. I am a simply a military person, a few years from retirement, who is now married with a wonderful child. No good can come to either of us by having my name and/or phone numbers released and used in what would invariably be used in an attempt to destroy my life as I know it. Not to mention that during this time period, I rented rooms to two others and it could cast suspicion on them as well if my home phone number were released to the public. Believe me, I can empathize with your plight; I truly can, and if there were something that I could do about it, I would. Having lived in Europe, I don’t feel what you’re accused of should be illegal. I see no problem with your releasing the information of those people in the public arena such as elected officials, but picking on the little guy is, well, unfair – especially seeing as you prided yourself on discretion. 

Is there any way, any way at all that I can somehow opt out of this? I am begging you, and appealing to your sense of human decency, to protect the “little guys” in all of this. It’s the big fish (public figures) from whom you are going to get you a big payday, not guys like me. I noticed on the sample sheet you posted on the website that some of the numbers are blocked out in red. I would hope that you would consider doing the same for me and others. Again, is there any way one can request this? I would even voluntarily make a donation within the realm of affordability to your defense fund to ensure this happens. Please advise.
This email and dozens of others forced Jeane and me into a difficult decision forced upon us by the government which has taken her assets and threatened her with criminal prosecution. What was the moral course to take? Keep silent and alone be punished for what was – and still is – common behavior of many? Release the list of telephone numbers and needlessly cause pain to many? In the end, the government forced our hand by refusing to allow Jeane to go away quietly and leaving her no choice but to fight for her freedom and life.


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