Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sex and The Powerful – A case study of Senator David Vitter

In an article entitled: “Why Do Men Buy Sex” in the December 2008 issue of Scientific American, the magazine reported on a survey by psychologist Dieter Kleiber of the Free University of Berlin. He had some 600 johns fill out the Freiburg Personality Inventory and found no particular abnormalities. The magazine went on to note: “The only correlations [Kleiber] found applied to risk taking and unprotected sex. For example, the men who demanded sex without condoms tended to score higher on aggression, and married and well-to-do customers practiced unprotected sex more frequently than others did.” Kleiber concluded: “The more secure and orderly a man’s life is, the more he believes in his own invulnerability.”

Senator Vitter, an admitted client of the D.C. Madam, Jeane Palfrey, fits that profile. He thought the laws didn’t apply to him and that he was “invincible.” Indeed, recently, Roll Call reported that:
The Louisiana Republican arrived Thursday evening at his United Airlines gate 20 minutes before the plane was scheduled to depart, only to find the gate had already been closed. Undeterred, Vitter opened the door, setting off a security alarm and prompting an airline worker to warn him that entering the gate was forbidden. Vitter, our spy said, gave the airline worker an earful, employing the timeworn “do-you-know-who-I-am” tirade that apparently grew quite heated.
A similar attitude was evidenced by the Mann-Act violating former governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer.

Again, if you are “invincible”, the rules don’t apply to you. Apparently, for the 10,000 clients of Jeane’s escort service they too thought they were invincible. Sadly, under the present state of affairs, they are invincible: the government only goes after the women.


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