Friday, April 10, 2009

Me vs. The Supremes -- Part I

I have sued the Justices of the United States Supreme Court – in their personal capacities – three times and for so doing have been branded “crazy”. I believe they daily are committing “judicial treason” and should be removed from office. No wonder, I have been suspended from the practice of law everywhere but, curiously, the United States Supreme Court. This series of blogs entitled “Me vs. The Supremes” will detail and explain the nine (9) year odyssey I have been on discharging my oath to defend the United States Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic . . .

It started in 1999 with my desire to relocate with my three minor children from a previous marriage from Miami to Washington, D.C. I had obtained a court order permitting that move after the summer vacation in 2000. I had remarried and had a fourth child by that marriage. The basis for the move was economic – my second wife had gotten a job offer we couldn’t refuse in Washington, D.C. 

However, my first ex-wife refused to return the children to me and thence began seven (7) years of litigation. I will spare you the details of the perversions of the Florida Family Court system and save that for another series of Blogs. Mediate here was the fact that I took six (6) petitions to the U.S. Supreme Court to review the refusal of Florida to recognize my fundamental rights as a parent.

This is where my battle with the Supremes began. The Supreme Court of the United States maintains by its own rules that it has the liberty to refuse to decide a case. Imagine an umpire in a baseball game refusing to call a pitch either a ball or a strike. The game would stop. This so-called “right” of the Supremes to refuse to review a case has come to be known as “discretionary jurisdiction”. Those two little words set me off to discharge my obligation to sacrifice all I have and am to force this issue which I maintain is “judicial treason” to its conclusion – whatever that may be.

I believe that the rule of “discretionary jurisdiction” is an oxymoron and not only as it completely undermines the constitutional structure envisioned and deployed by our founding fathers and mothers but has become the favorite tool of a new breed of tyrants. 

This is not a simple issue to explain or appreciate hence it will require time and effort by the reader. But the epiphanies that will follow understanding what I am saying are crucial to reversing the inertia of this Country’s political mis-direction back to the ideals which created my country and yours.

End of Part I


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